Jaazura Resources Sdn Bhd started its operation in April 2008 as private limited company under the Companies Act 1965. With 7 full time employees and 5 part time employees Jaazura Resources started developing business is on the course of completion. Our core business has embarked into a new era. We have been specializing in running the latest solution for the industrial automation and document management system as a part of services that we provide to our client. Beside than that filed our company also provide services such as training and even management for the government and private sector.


Jaazura Resources Sdn Bhd has a corporate philosophy of providing continuously high quality, workmanship, product and services to the customer for both sector of its business. We promise to give the better product and services to our client. We shall in future diversify our business in order to provide more services in which will not only be based on our current product and services. We have intended to expand and diversify on our business into another dimension in future.


    “Manage the Potential”


    The company aims to resolve those issues backed by the years of research and committed investor, thus we will be provide practical, reliable , high quality and good services to our client


    Our vision is to be the major player in the industrial automation, focused on delivering exceptional services and solution such as even management and training at affordable price to our customers.


    Our mission is to be a major player in industrial automation and training